Israeli children clean up Sea of Galilee

By Dan Wooding- ANS

Israeli school children ventured out onto the Sea of Galilee (also known as Lake Kinneret ) on Tuesday to help preserve its waterways by picking up hard-to reach trash in the lagoons that has been cluttered every summer by families on vacation.

According to the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), the operation entailed sending out 10 kayaks full of children, towing other rubber boats to navigate the waterways.

The environmental volunteerism campaign called “Going clean, it’s our Kinneret,” is part of a joint initiative by the Environment Protection Ministry and other organizations to protect the landscape and quality of Israel’s largest fresh water source.

“The clean up project is a timely response to environmental concerns over the Kinneret’s preservation, such as its continuously dropping water levels,” said a ICEJ spokesperson. “Due to lack of rain, the lake is close to reaching the black line where pumps are exposed to air and unable to send water into the National Water Carrier, risking irreversible ecological damage to the unique and – for Christians – sacred reservoir.”

 Published September 2009

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