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A website has been launched that will help Christians become responsible investors. was developed to teach investment stewardship to Christians because, according to company President Mark Minnella, Jr., too many Christians support companies that contribute to the advancement of anti-Christian lifestyles.
"I like to tell people, you wouldn't want your church buying an abortion clinic to make money to give to the poor. The idea is appalling," he argues. "But the church is the people, not the building. And using the money that God's entrusted to you to buy a company that supports abortion or pornography just to make a profit, even for the best intentions -- whether it's for retirement or just to support your family -- is right along the same lines," says Minnella.


Moral Money offers a free service that screens companies for potential investors. "We screen for involvement in abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, adult entertainment, alcohol, tobacco, and immoral lifestyles," he notes.


So far the website screens more than 3,400 companies.

 Published September 2009

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